Is Your Church Ready To Transition To A Digital Mixer?

Change is difficult… but many times it is absolutely worth it!  Does your church have an old analog mixer that’s causing problems?  Do you have a ton of outboard effects, equalizers, compressors, etc.?  Did you know that a new digital console could help eliminate most of those other components and give you so much more power and control over your sound system?

Behringer X32 Digital MixerMaking the decision to move from an analog mixer into the digital world is one that will require some time and training… but once you see the advantages that it offers, it will be more than worth the effort.  Does this sound familiar?  Your choir is rehearsing for their upcoming musical and you’re running the sound.  You spend the time to get the choir mics set just right… music level is set… monitors for the choir are perfect!  Everyone is happy, happy, happy! 🙂  Then, someone else comes in a few minutes later to rehearse something different.  You have to change the monitor level, the EQ on the mics, the volume of the track… and then you realize that you don’t remember how everything was set for the choir!  You try to put it back as close as you can, but it’s never the same!  A digital console would make you life so much easier with a “scene recall”.  Once you have everything set, you simply save it as a “scene” and then it can be “recalled” with the click of a button.  Levels, equalizer, effects, monitors… everything!

What about the issue with getting your system tuned and set by a professional sound installer… and then the sound booth is invaded by a “button pusher”!  You know… that person that has to push and turn every button on the mixer to see what it does!  The next thing you know, the entire system is messed up and you don’t know what to do!  With a digital mixer, you can simply press one button to recall the original settings and “everything” is back to normal!  That one feature alone is worth the cost of going digital! 🙂

Yet another extremely valuable feature.  Do you have several musicians that would love to have their own monitor mix?  It is impossible for a person in the sound booth, located at the back of the church to attempt to run multiple on-stage monitor mixes and keep everyone happy.  With most new digital consoles you can attach low cost personal monitor mixers and give each musician on stage the ability to control their own monitor mix.  Most digital consoles will even allow them to do this via an iPad or iPhone!  That is another way to take a huge burden off your sound guy in the back!  This will give them the ability to focus on making sure the “house” sound is the best it can be!

This only scratches the surface of how your church could benefit from a digital mixer.  Let Dill Audio give you more information about the cost and benefits of going digital today!  Once you go digital… you’ll never go back!