Do You Need a Subwoofer?

You’re probably aware that subwoofers are just speakers optimized for reproducing the lowest bass frequencies. What isn’t as commonly recognized is that adding subwoofers doesn’t necessarily make your system louder, it can actually allow you to run your system at a lower overall volume while still maintaining full-range punch and impact.

QSC - KLA SubwooferSubs usually focus on the 20Hz to 100Hz spectrum, which is difficult to reproduce accurately with standard PA speakers. If a subwoofer was incorporated into a full-range speaker, the performance of the mid- and high-frequency drivers would be compromised due to the intense vibrations of the powerful bass frequencies. Said another way, larger PA speakers can respectably reproduce low frequencies, but for true full-range sound, you need a dedicated subwoofer.

Subwoofers aren’t just for dance music and bass-heavy material. They can also play an important role in filling out the sonic spectrum for any performance. Subs also allow your main speakers to sound better, giving them valuable headroom to better reproduce the dynamics of your performance. As with full-range speakers, subwoofers can either be active or passive.

Give Dill Audio a chance to evaluate your system and see if a subwoofer is right for you!